What is the Legal Definition of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California?

Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious issue. The California Department of Insurance estimates that fraud within the workers’ compensation system costs the state between $1 billion and $3 billion each year. This raises an important question: How is workers’ compensation fraud defined? Our Fresno workers’ compensation defense law firm answers the question by providing a guide to the legal definition of workers’ compensation fraud in California.

Know the Statute: Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California

Under California law (California Insurance Code § 1871.4), a person or entity commits workers’ compensation fraud if it does any of the following four things:

  • Make or cause to be made a materially false or misleading statement for the purpose of getting or denying workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Present or cause to be presented knowingly false documents or statements in workers’ compensation proceedings;
  • Knowingly assist or conspire to help another party improperly obtain or deny workers’ compensation benefits; or
  • Make or cause to be made false or misleading statements to discourage a worker from filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Examples of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California

Workers’ compensation fraud can come in a wide range of different forms. It could be committed by an employee, a medical provider, an employer, or even an insurance carrier. Some of the most common examples of workers’ compensation fraud in California include:

  • A False Claim by an Employee: As an example, someone might claim they hurt their back on the job, but actually, they had the injury from a weekend recreational sports game. They might do this to get paid time off or to receive money from the workers’ compensation insurance benefits in violation of the law.
  • An Exaggerated Injury by an Employee: With this type of case, an employee does get hurt at work, but they make the injury seem worse than it really is. For example, someone might have a minor fall that only causes a slight sprain. However, they tell their doctor and employer that they are in extreme pain and that they cannot work at all.  
  • Improperly Billed Service by Medical Provider: In some cases, the fraud comes from the medical provider, not the employee. A doctor or a clinic might treat an employee for a workplace injury and then charge the insurance company for services they never provided or for more expensive services than what was given.
  • Underreporting Payroll by Employer: Employers can also be guilty of workers’ compensation fraud. Most often they do this by lying about how many people they employ or how much they pay them. For instance, a business owner might report that they have fewer workers than they actually do in order to reduce their workers’ compensation premiums.

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