Monthly Archives: February 2024

Proposed Law: California Bill Would Require Employers to Notify Employees of Right to Hire Lawyer in Workers’ Compensation Claim

On January 24, 2024, Business Insurance reported that a proposed state law would require all employers to change their workers’ compensation notification to clarify and emphasize an injured worker’s right to consult with an attorney. Here, our Bakersfield workers’ compensation defense law firm provides an overview of the proposed law that would put additional obligations […]

What is the Legal Definition of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in California?

Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious issue. The California Department of Insurance estimates that fraud within the workers’ compensation system costs the state between $1 billion and $3 billion each year. This raises an important question: How is workers’ compensation fraud defined? Our Fresno workers’ compensation defense law firm answers the question by providing a […]

Contractor Sentenced in Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case in Simi Valley, California

According to a report from Hoodline, a contractor in Simi Valley was sentenced as part of a workers’ compensation fraud case. Mauricio Torres—the owner of a company called Vero’s Tree Service—was sentenced to one year of probation, fined $10,000.00, and ordered to pay financial restitution for knowingly failing to obtain mandatory workers’ compensation insurance coverage. […]

Physician in California Charged With the Filing of Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Liens

According to a report from Business Insurance, a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area has been charged with a crime as part of a major workers’ compensation fraud case. Dr. Gary Martinovsky is facing charges for more than three dozen insurance violations. The matter is related to allegedly fraudulent medical liens. Here, our Pasadena […]

Long COVID Cited in a Significant Factor of Workers’ Compensation Claims in California

On December 27, 2023, Business Insurance reported that long COVID issues now make up a significant share of workers’ compensation claims in California. A recent study found that around six percent of all workers who filed a COVID-19-related workers’ compensation claim in the state have subsequently gone on to develop long COVID. Here, our Fresno […]