Physician in California Charged With the Filing of Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Liens

According to a report from Business Insurance, a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area has been charged with a crime as part of a major workers’ compensation fraud case. Dr. Gary Martinovsky is facing charges for more than three dozen insurance violations. The matter is related to allegedly fraudulent medical liens. Here, our Pasadena workers’ compensation defense lawyer provides a more detailed overview of the charges filed in this case.

The Criminal Charges: Workers’ Compensation Fraud By Doctor

Dr. Gary Martinovsky operates a pain management clinic in San Francisco, California. In early December, Dr. Martinovsky and his assistant, Raisa Rikoshinsky, were charged with 40 counts of insurance fraud as part of a massive workers’ compensation fraud case. The matter is being prosecuted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Among other things, prosecutors accuse the pair of:

  • Dishonest billing practices;
  • Charging for undelivered services; and
  • Filing false documentation.

The doctor allegedly used improper medical liens to defraud insurance carriers out of funds, including workers’ compensation providers. Notably, Dr. Gary Martinovsky and his clinic reportedly have approximately filed more than 3,000 medical liens in California. In total, these liens are valued at more than $29 million. Many of these liens were filed in relation to workers’ compensation cases. 

Understanding Medical Liens and Workers’ Compensation

In the context of a workers’ compensation claim, a medical lien is a legal claim by a healthcare provider to receive payment for medical services rendered. Most often, that claim will be placed against a future award that the patient is expected to receive—such as a personal injury settlement or workers’ compensation payout. Medical liens in workers’ compensation allow doctors to treat injured workers immediately and then worry about recouping payment at a later time. There are strict rules and regulations that healthcare providers must follow when filing medical liens in California.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a Serious Charge (Health Care Professionals)

Workers’ compensation fraud remains an all-too-common problem in California. Fraud drives up the costs across the entire system. It may be committed by employers, employees, and even medical professionals. Workers’ compensation fraud charges against doctors are serious allegations that can carry severe criminal and professional consequences. When a doctor fraudulently bills or claims for services they did not provide—or they provide/bill for services that are not necessary―they not only breach ethical standards but also violate the law. Such actions can lead to criminal charges, hefty fines, and potential prison time. Beyond legal repercussions, doctors face professional ruin, including loss of medical license and reputation.

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