Report: New Workers in California More Likely to Get Hurt On the Job (Lessons for Employers)

According to a report from Business Insurance, a comprehensive report from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) found that new workers—defined as those within their first year of employment—are significantly more likely to be injured on the job compared to more seasoned employees. Here, our Fresno workers’ compensation defense attorney provides a more detailed review of the data and highlights with three tips for employers looking to reduce workers’ compensation claims.

Know the Data: New Workers More Likely to Be Hurt on Job

The WCIRB reports that workers with less than one year of experience in the current position account for 40% of all workers’ compensation claims in California. For reference, that means that these less experienced employees are more than twice as likely to file a claim than the statewide average for all workers. Lack of experience and safety awareness are cited as reasons for higher injury rates among newer employees. However, the study also highlights that longer-tenured workers face higher cumulative trauma claims.

Three Tips for Employers in California to Reduce New Worker Injury Risk

Workplace accidents cost money. They take time and resources to resolve, and they can disrupt operations. All employers in California can benefit from ensuring that their workplace is reasonably safe. Here are three tips that employers can use to reduce the risk of new worker accidents:

  • Ease a New Worker into Challenging Roles: New employees often lack the experience and familiarity with safety protocols that their more seasoned counterparts possess. To address this, employers should consider a phased approach to job responsibilities. Initially assigning tasks that are less risky and gradually increasing complexity allows new workers to build their skills and knowledge in a controlled environment.
  • Try to Determine How New Workers are Getting Hurt: Understanding the root causes of injuries among new workers is crucial for preventing future incidents. Employers should conduct thorough investigations following workplace accidents to identify common trends and risk factors. The process may reveal specific areas where new employees are more vulnerable—such as with certain tasks or when using certain types of machinery.
  • Put an Emphasis on Safety Training: Effective safety training is the cornerstone of preventing workplace injuries, especially for new hires. Employers should ensure that safety education begins from day one and is tailored to the specific risks of the job. Interactive and engaging training methods—such as hands-on demonstrations, simulations, and mentorship programs—can be particularly effective in reducing the rate of workplace accidents among new employees.

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