Applicant Ordered to Pay More than $100,000.00 in Restitution in Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case in Sacramento County

On March 14, 2024, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office announced that Ahmad Zaki Noori, a welder convicted for workers’ compensation fraud, has been ordered to pay significant financial restitution. He was previously indicted for two counts of felony workers’ compensation fraud. Here, our Sacramento workers’ compensation defense attorney discusses the case in more detail.

Background: Welder in Sacramento County Charged with Misrepresenting Injury

Ahmad Zaki Noori—a welder from Sacramento County—was charged with two counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud for allegedly faking symptoms after a work-related injury. Mr. Noori reportedly obtained approximately $21,000.00 in direct (undue) workers’ compensation benefits. Despite claiming severe amnesia and inability to perform basic tasks, surveillance contradicted his claim. The employer/insurance company produced evidence of him working and socializing without any issues. Two co-workers and his doctor initially reported their suspicions of fraud.

Financial Restitution Imposed Against Defendant

As stated, Mr. Noori allegedly received $21,000.00 in undue workers’ compensation payments. However, his conduct also imposed many other costs on the system. In total, there were more than $80,000.00 in documented medical, legal, and investigative costs associated with his false workers’ compensation claim. He has now been ordered to pay $139,130.97 in financial restitution.

Employers that Suspect an Employee is Bringing a Fraudulent Claim Should Use Standard Process

Do you suspect that one of your employees is faking or materially misrepresenting an injury to seek workers’ compensation benefits? If so, it is imperative that you know how to respond. The matter should be handled professionally through the proper channels. Here are four tips:

  • Avoid Immediate Retaliation: It is crucial to ensure that the employee does not face any retaliation for filing a claim—regardless of your suspicions. California has strict laws that protect an employee’s right to file for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Conduct an Internal Investigation: Initiate a discreet, fair investigation to gather facts. This might involve reviewing surveillance footage (if available), talking to witnesses, or examining the employee’s work history and behavior before and after the claim was filed.
  • Notify and Work with Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider: Your insurance company has experience dealing with fraud and can offer guidance. They may conduct their own investigation into the claim.
  • Ensure Documentation is Thorough: Keep detailed records of everything related to the claim and your investigation. Ultimately, the documentation (evidence) that you have obtained will be key to resolving the matter if it escalates. A top-tier workers’ compensation defense attorney can help you get organized and build a strategy to protect your interests.

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